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Wakatipu Garden Care was born out of a passion for gardening. We offer an end-to-end service for your garden and landscape requirements from design to creation through to maintenance.

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Professional Services

You can count on Wakatipu Garden Care Limited to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

End of lease garden tidy

When you've spent two days cleaning your property from top to bottom in time for the Final Inspection from the Rental Agency, the last thing you need is to then spend half the day trying to start the owners rusty lawn mower in the garage. Leave it to WGC to carry out a full garden/back yard tidy including weed whacking, weeding, mowing and removal of waste.


Pre Sale Garden Preparation

Ensure your property looks its best at Sale/Auction time and let WGC on site to complete a full garden/backyard service. Weed Whacking, full weeding of all flower beds, edging, mowing, re-sowing (if required) and removal of all green waste.


Lawn Care

WGC offer a fundamental Lawn Care service of mowing, edging, weeding, sowing and raking. Keeping your lawn in top condition can be a hassle for those with little time, or, those with holiday properties. Leave it to WGC and have confidence your lawn will be consistently looking immaculate.


New Lawn Preparation & Maintenance

Rake, rake, rake, and then, rake once more. There can be little more satisfying than seeing a lawn grown from nothing. WGC are experienced in turning dirt to grass. Through thorough preparation and filtering of the soil base. Throw in some OCD raking and your grass is given the best start in life. Just add water...again....and again....!

We also offer a diagnostic service of lawn issues if your lawn has dollar spot, grub, porina or is in need of a feed.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page during Spring and Autumn for our dethatch and aeration deals. A key annual component of lawn maintenance to keep your lawn looking perfect.


General Garden Care & Maintenance

Whether you're a busy owner occupier, or would like your short or long term rental property kept tidy, WGC can design and implement a periodic maintenance plan tailored for your property. A periodic plan offers peace of mind that your property will consistently be looking its best no matter what the season. 



Nothing can impact your garden health more than pesky weeds. Though manual effort and organic control, WGC will eliminate weed problems to ensure your garden enjoys the best possible conditions.


Soft Landscaping

Does your garden need a face lift? Are your dahlias dying? Wondering what to do with that shady spot? Work with WGC to ensure your garden is looking amazing no matter sun, shade, wet, dry, steep or hanging! We will help identify solutions and work to source the ideal vegetation partners for your garden


Garden and Flower bed maintenance

It's one thing to have a green immaculate lawn, but, if the accompanying flowers are not flourishing, you have an imbalance that drags the appearance down. As well as Lawn Care, WGC can provide maintenance and care for the entire garden to ensure life flourishes year round and your plants are thriving.



To keep those lawns luscious and green, they need regular water. Many people do not have the time to spend watering the garde, and even more so with summer water restrictions now a part of Wakatipu life. We offer an irrigation consultation and can install full solution from hose to leaf to keep those plants quenched.


You can trust our staff 100% with your garden. We train in house and also passionately empower our staff, in partnership with PrimaryITO, to study for Level 3 Horticulture Level 4 Landscaping. 


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